Dance Classes

Our fall and winter classes start in September and end in May with our year end recital.  We have classes starting at 3 years of age and up.  Choose from one of the dance disciplines below.




dance readinessMovers & Groovers 

Level 1 - Age 3     Level 2 - Age 4 
A fun and upbeat class for our youngest dancers which introduces rhythm, co-ordination,  participation, poise and flexibility at an easy pace.  It also gives the children a chance to explore their own creativity and imagination through music and movement. (30 minute class)

danceMINI JAZZ  (Ages 5 & 6) 

A continuation from  Dance Readiness, dance introduces new movements (increasing in difficulty) while paying attention to details such as placement of arms, correct body positioning, spatial  awareness, knowing right from left and the memorization of connected dance combinations in time with the music. (30 minute class)

Hip Hop Flip FlopHip Hop Flip Flop  (Ages 5-7)

A fun twist on an old idea...our 45-minute combo class now combines the basics of hip hop and acrobatic skills to create one energetic class. Grooving to upbeatā€”age appropriate music as dancers work on their co-ordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and balance while getting down with their funky self.

acroACRO (Ages 7 & over)

The combination of dance technique and acrobatics forms this    graceful dance discipline.  Movements flow into flexible bends and stretches and the strength of balances and aerial challenges give this dance form its uniqueness.  Improve your flexibility, strength and physical control while learning cartwheels, splits, walkovers, handstands, balances, round-offs, handsprings and aerials.  Students will be place by ability and not necessarily by age.

tapTAP (Ages 6 & over)

Learn how to make music with your feet.  The most rhythmic of dance forms, tap is an excellent way to increase co-ordination of the mind and body and develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression.   Hear the beat of tapping feet.  Snappy sounds, rhythmic agility, footwork with a flair. (30 minute class)

jazzJAZZ  (Ages 7 & over)

Jazz is the most commercial dance form, emphasizing presentation, extension of the limbs, and isolations.  This upbeat style of fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns is sure to get your body moving.
(45 minute class)

hip hopHIP HOP  (Ages 7 & over)

This style of dance is the latest craze.  Hip hop gets you grooving to the beats of the hottest music, as seen in music videos and pop   concert tours.  It is a fun, funky and energetic class for students with plenty or no previous dance experience.

balletBALLET  (Ages 7 & over)

Ballet is fundamental in the development of the dancer.  Ballet training emphasizes good posture, grace, proper placement and the important relationship of one body part to another.

musical theatreMUSICAL THEATRE (Ages 7 & over)

Designed to bring out the performer in everyone, Musical Theatre combines the elements of voice, acting and different dance mediums to produce entertaining Broadway type routines.  This class requires memorization of lyrics.

lyricalLYRICAL (Ages 10 & over)

This powerful dance form is a combination of jazz and ballet techniques.  Lyrical develops a student’s emotional interpretation of dance, focusing on the lyrics of the chosen music and expression through soft and flowing movements.  This class is open to students who are currently enrolled in both jazz & ballet.

untitledTumbling(Ages 9 & over)

Up and down and all around.  Tumbling is an additional class option for the avid acro student, concentrating on core-stregthening drills to develop and focus on proper technique when executing power tricks.  This class does not perform in the year end recital.  Admission based on ability and experience.

adultADULT CLASSES (Ages 18 & over)

Fulfill a dream.  Relax and treat yourself.  Develop a new skill or revive and old one.  Students in our adult classes learn moves and routines in a casual atmosphere.  Many of our adult students use the jazz or hip hop programs for fitness and social activity.  Classes are available in jazz, hip hop and tap.  Regular adult classes do not participate in the year-end  recital.


Have some fun learning to Waltz, Fox trot, Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha and Tango.  Group and private lessons available. 
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